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Barcode Numbers

Our barcode numbers come from the same original system as GS1 barcode numbers and can be used internationally in the vast majority of stores. Each number sold is first checked for illegal use on the internet before a sale to ensure that there are no enforcement hassles for the customer.

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Yemen Barcodes

When purchasing a retail barcode from us, you can be confident of the following:

  • They are legal and legal numbers
  • It will be owned by you
  • They will do a good scan (when printing on your product)
  • Retailers will accept it
  • These numbers are not used in any other retail products worldwide

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Barcode Registration:

When recording the barcode you purchased from us, this will display all the information about your product in the main internet databases.

This ensures that your product and information appear when you scan your product according to the application areas, and this service is provided to you free of charge in case you buy the barcode from us, but if you bought it from another company and you want to register it for you, we will register it for you, but not for free you will pay for this registration.

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International barcode network:

Yemen Barcode is a member of the International Barcode Network.

This barcode network has sold to more than 100,000 customers in more than 120 countries. They have international experience and 10 years experience in the barcode industry.

Barcode is obtained through the international barcode network. This means that they are more accepted by international retailers than any other barcode supplier.

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About Us

Yemen Barcode is one of the subsidiaries of Barcode International Limited. It is an international company that aims to help local companies grow by providing certified barcode and barcode packages at low cost for once.

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