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Here you can purchase QR Codes. These are scanned by smartphones and have a variety of different functions, the most common being to automatically link the smartphone to the encoded URL when scanned. They can also be used to automatically create calendar events, add contact information, make a phone call and send a text as well as various other functions. We can encode any information you like into a QR Code. Please let us know what you would like encoded in the ‘additional information’ section when filling out your details.



Business Cards (VCards)

the information is encoded into the QR Code in a special format which means that when scanned the cell phone will allow the user to easily add this person to their contact list (Name, Phone, Email, Position, Company etc).
Websites (URLs) 


so that when the code is scanned the user is directly transferred to the website URL that was encoded in the QR code.
Events (VCalendar)  similar to VCards in this case the special format means that when the QR Code is scanned and an option to ‘add event to calendar’ is offered. This makes it both quick and fun to add an event to a cell phone calendar.


Note – if you are encoding a lot of information into your QR Code then you may require a larger code. 3 or 4 CM squared can encode a URL or a couple of lines of text easily (without affecting the scanability), however, if you are encoding a VCard or VCal event then a larger code will be necessary.

For website URLs or a single line of text with no commas in it, the system might create the QR-code automatically within 15 minutes. Other data like business Vcards with more information, we will manually create the QR Code for you, and email it to you, once we receive your order. This will normally take 2-48 hours, depending on the time of day/week that you make the order.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.


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