Retail Barcodes EAN-13

All retail products use either EAN-13 or UPC-A format barcodes. These are used on every retail product with the exception of books and magazines. EAN-13 barcodes are used predominantly throughout the world in all countries except for The United States and Canada where UPC-A Barcodes are more common. The differences between UPC-A and EAN-13 can be seen here.

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EAN-13 Barcodes – For retail products outside of the USA and Canada

International Article Numbers, formerly EAN (European Article Numbers) comprise 13-digits. They are used worldwide on all retail products excluding books and magazines. They are the most widely used barcodes globally with the exception of in the USA and Canada where UPC-A(Universal Product Codes) barcodes are more common.
Each EAN-13 is product-specific and encoded into a barcode image. This means that when the barcode is scanned into store systems, price and inventory data related to your product is recorded. A different EAN-13 number, therefore, is required for each unique product.



    Barcodes EAN13

    Purchase retail barcodes for all products (except books and magazines), for example, CDs, DVDs, Amazon, eBay etc.


    • Barcode number (EAN-13)
    • Barcode images (in 4 different formats for convenience)
    • Barcode registration
    • Guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of this barcode number.
    • Immediate delivery – all files will be emailed to you as soon as the order has been made.


    QuantityTotal Price (USD)Price per barcode (USD)
    1USD  50USD 50 each
    2USD  98
    USD 49 each
    3USD 144
    USD 48 each
    4USD 188
    USD 47 each
    5USD 230
    USD 46 each
    6USD 270USD 45 each
    7USD 308USD 44 each
    8USD 344USD 43 each
    9USD 378USD 42 each
    10 or morePlease contact us contact us


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