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Yemen Barcodes is part of the International Barcodes Network, which is owned by International Barcodes Limited (a New Zealand company). The International Barcodes Network is a network of international barcode suppliers. We aim to help small businesses grow by providing low cost, high-quality barcodes and barcode services for a one-off cost. Our members focus on supplying barcodes to a specific country, so they are best able to understand the specific barcoding requirements in that country and provide prompt local-language barcoding advice and service. The International Barcodes Network (IBN) has supplied barcodes to customers all around the world (120+ countries).

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20220318 173840
20220318 173840



Address    :   60 Gharbi, 24 St, Hay AlTayaran, Sana’a, Yemen
Phone       :  +967 775 334 947
website     :
Email         :   [email protected]
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Phone/Whats’app:+967 775 334 947








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