CD Barcode

Do you need a barcode for your CD? The EAN-13 barcode numbers that we sell are suitable for use on CDs. If you order a CD Barcode Package (below), you will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number, barcode images, and a guarantee certificate. You can then put your barcode onto your CD & begin using it immediately. (They are also suitable for use on audio cassettes, LPs, vinyls, videos, widgets & any other product).

Please purchase barcodes for your CD below. These include; a barcode number, the barcode images, a guarantee certificate and barcode registration.



    Purchase retail barcodes for all products (except books and magazines), for example, CDs, DVDs, Amazon, eBay etc.


    • Barcode number (EAN-13)
    • Barcode images (in 4 different formats for convenience)
    • Barcode registration
    • Guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of this barcode number.
    • Immediate delivery – all files will be emailed to you as soon as the order has been made.



    Quantity Total Price (USD) Price per barcode (USD)
    1 USD  50 USD 50 each
    2 USD  98
    USD 49 each
    3 USD 144
    USD 48 each
    4 USD 188
    USD 47 each
    5 USD 230
    USD 46 each
    6 USD 270 USD 45 each
    7 USD 308 USD 44 each
    8 USD 344 USD 43 each
    9 USD 378 USD 42 each
    10 or more Please contact us contact us


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How to use your barcode:

After we receive your order, we will send your EAN-13 barcode number, images & guarantee to you by email. We will send the images in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, svg & pdf) – you can choose which format to use. Just insert the barcode image into the design for your CD or DVD cover, and re-size it if necessary. Note: you can reduce the height if you want to (eg. down to about 15 mm) but we do not recommend reducing the width to less than 30 mm wide.

When your retailers receive your CD or DVD, they will enter the barcode number & product details into their inventory system. After that, when they scan your barcode the product details will appear on their screen.

If you are using your barcode to sell your CD or DVD online (eg. on CD Baby or Amazon), just enter the barcode number into the online form when listing your product.