Code-128 & Code-39 – Both of these formats are used for asset tracking. In each case, a sequence of numbers is created (i.e. 0001-1000). The barcodes can then be used on things like library cards, gym membership cards or in large businesses for keeping track of assets.

Code-39 can encode alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers) whereas code-128 can only encode numbers. However, Code-128 can encode a larger amount of information in a small barcode number. Therefore if there is little space on your products then code-128 may be the better option.

Most barcode scanners can read both easily however some have difficulty with code-39 if it has letters encoded.

These types of barcodes are most commonly printed directly onto Barcode Labels before being manually stuck onto each item.

Other – Please contact us if you are still unsure of what barcode you require for your purposes, and see our FAQ page.


Once we receive your order, we will manually create the barcode for you, and email it to you. This will normally take 2-48 hours, depending on the time of day/week that you make the order.


  • Codw128

    Code-128 & Code-39

    you can purchase this here : Code-128, Code-39
    Please enter the quantity , and enter your barcode numbers or information to be encoded in the ‘additional information’ section when checking out. We will email you your barcode images as attached files in 4 different formats (Bitmap, eps., Tiff, Jpeg, PDF). These images are sent in a standard size by default – If you require a different size, please specify this in the ‘additional information’ section.


    Quantity    Price per image (USD)
    1 USD 30 each
    2 USD 29 each
    3 USD 28 each
    4 + USD 27 each
    10 + USD 24 each
    20 + USD 21 each









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